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Promotion of the month: Amaretto barrel-aged coffee

Our coffees of the moment

ground coffee
light or medium

6,85 €

Sachet 250g en grains - Vieilli Rhum

Café Gourmand
88 – SCA

17,35 €

Discovery Pack Coffee aged in whiskey barrels Washed Castillo Coffee

24,00 €

Sachet 250g en grains - Vieilli Whisky

Café Gourmand
88 – SCA

17,35 €

Our Geisha Columbia

Café Geisha
Colombie sachet 250g grains SCA 86

15,85 €

Sachet 250g en grains - Vieilli Amaretto

Café Gourmand
88 – SCA

17,35 €

Discovery Pack
Amaretto barrel-aged coffee
& Washed Castillo Coffee

24,00 €

10 drips

Café Don Manuel
84 – SCA
roasting light

9,05 €

coffee beans
83,5 – SCA
light or medium

12,95 €

Our Range of Coffees

Café Don Manuel, coffee grower-producer-importer, offers:

To roasters,

its green coffee from a collection by hand, washed with spring water and dried in the sun.
12kg vacuum bag.
Castillo variety (SCA 85.75)
or Supremo (SCA 84.25)
Mesh 17-18.

To hoteliers,

its drips for their courtesy trays and all of our coffees for breakfast buffets and passing customers.

Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars,

Its gourmet and specialty coffees to offer a menu of coffees to be prepared using different methods: filtrations, espresso,… Our barista friends will find the right preparations to enhance our products.


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