Energy, Love & Passion

Thierry OLIVIER,
Founder of Café Don Manuel.

Concerned about the quality of the coffees we offer you, we work with the Federation of Cafeteros de Colombia.
Monitoring by the agronomist in charge of the operation allows us to obtain the best results and obtain recognized coffee quality during cupping carried out by a Qgrader SCA. (84.25 > 87/100 – 2023-2024 harvest)

Our summer offer, a good time for tasting and sharing with friends

Coffee growers equip themselves
of their most beautiful cherries
for the 2024 harvest

Our coffees of the moment

Ground coffee
light or medium

6,85 €

Discovery Pack Coffee aged in whiskey barrels Washed Castillo Coffee
2 x 250g

24,20 €

Gourmet Coffee
88 – SCA
250g beans

17,35 €

Our Geisha Columbia

Café Geisha
of Colombia – SCA 86
250g beans

15,85 €

Gourmet Coffee
88 – SCA
250g beans 

17,35 €

Discovery Pack Amaretto barrel-aged coffee & Washed Castillo Coffee 250g

24,20 €

Coffee beans
84,25 – SCA
light or medium

13,70 €

Our Range of Coffees

Café Don Manuel, coffee grower-producer-importer, offers:

To roasters,

its green coffee from a collection by hand, washed with spring water and dried in the sun.
12kg vacuum bag.
Castillo variety (SCA 85.75)
or Supremo (SCA 84.25)
Mesh 17-18.

To hoteliers,

its drips for their courtesy trays and all of our coffees for breakfast buffets and passing customers.

Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars,

Its gourmet and specialty coffees to offer a menu of coffees to be prepared using different methods: filtrations, espresso,… Our barista friends will find the right preparations to enhance our products.


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