A conversion

After a 30-year professional life in the audiovisual industry and married to a Colombian woman, over past travels we adopted the coffee region for its landscapes and climate and fell in love with a finca in the Eje Cafetero … This discovery crossed our destiny with the story of the owner’s family. Indeed, his maternal grandfather Don Manuel Rincon, a descendant of the founding families of the city of Santa Rosa de Cabal, had crossed these lands with his mules, before settling in the area.

We have approached the forces involved to enable us to provide you with the best coffee. Accompanied by the National Federation of Cafeterias of Colombia and its agronomist dedicated to the sector of the finca which produces the coffee, local roasters, professors at the public university SENA and training in roasting, cupping and coffee preparations in filtration, we favor the renewal of plantations with seeds from the finca, coffee waste is recycled to obtain organic fertilizer, used for coffee, fruit trees and other plantations.

Sharing quality coffee

Always concerned about the quality of the product and the traditional treatments to obtain a coffee of Excellence, we favor the renewal of our plots with seeds from the plantation, the harvest by hand, the fermentation times for an improvement in quality. flavors and aromas of our coffee in the cup. We optimize waste from the removal of pulp and mucilage to obtain a natural fertilizer used to replant and strengthen our crops.

The good management of our operation is validated both at the level of employees, infrastructures and cultures by the Federation of Cafeterias of Colombia, the Cooperative of Santa Rosa De Cabal.

The taste of our coffee

Café Don Manuel is a specialty coffee.
The term “specialty coffee” primarily refers to high quality coffee.
Born from the meticulous work of the coffee grower to the roaster, specialty coffee comes from a region with a history and traceability. It represents only a tiny part of the world’s coffee production. Considered “flawless in cup“, it offers unique tasting notes. It is rated over 80 points, out of 100 points, according to the protocol of the Specialty Coffee Association.
Café Don Manuel is grown between the mountain paths that cross this majestic Colombian central mountain range between giant bamboos and fruit trees at an altitude of 1700m, harvested by hand and processed in the traditional way in the finca and dried in the sun. This process linked to the work of our roaster gives our coffee a smooth body, with aromas of chocolate, jasmine and caramel, sweet flavors of hazelnut and an exquisite medium acidity.

from the finca to your cup

Café Don Manuel, from the farm where the coffee is processed naturally under the expertise of the farm manager. We can give you the name of the plot where the coffee comes from (micro-lot). Once the coffee beans are ready, they leave the farm for the Colombian Coffee Group S.A.S. roastery in Pereira. Our partner is responsible for roasting our coffee, packaging it and exporting it to France. We receive it and offer it to you for sale. A short circuit with three speakers and transparency on the exclusive origin of Café Don Manuel.